“What started out to be the typical desire to lose pounds, turned into an extraordinary learning experience, not just about weight loss techniques, but about the more important primary foods such as relationships and the environment we create for ourselves. Jaime’s 6-month program quickly became the nicest thing I did for myself each month. I live 3,000 miles away and at first was not sure that phone consultations would be effective. They exceeded my expectations! Every month I learned another building block toward building a better self- I am happier and more accepting of myself now than I ever thought I could be and suddenly the scale is the last thing on my mind. I’ve learned to be more concerned with paying attention to food combining, the need for exercise as a spiritual experience, not just a weight loss measure, and so many helpful suggestions for changing my environment in ways that nurture my body and soul. I found Jaime insightful, intelligent, organized, and above all, kind. I finished my 6 month program, wanting her to coach me throughout life’s journey.” 

-Deborah Hendrickson, Artist, Scottsville, NY


“When I first met with Jaime, I was struggling with my weight, low energy, stress, and pain in my knees.  Although I used to love nature and outdoor activities, exercise had become non-existent in my life.  My goal was not only to lose weight, but to be fit enough to climb a mountain again.  During my program, Jaime was extremely knowledgeable, flexible and creative in understanding me and my needs and helping me achieve my goals.  Through working with her, I lost a total of fifty pounds and had to get rid of all of my old clothes because they no longer fit.  My body now feels pain-free and vibrant. I have more energy, less stress, I’m more positive and stronger physically.  I’m also more in-tune with my instincts about what is good for me and how to stay healthy.  I’m now exercising consistently and hiking again, back on the mountains!  This program has been fantastic – a literal life-changer – and people around me seem inspired by the changes I’ve made.  It’s hard for me to imagine how anyone wouldn’t benefit from working with Jaime.” 

Anthony Russo, Emmy Award Winning Director/Producer (Captain America, Arrested Development), Los Angeles, CA


“Jaime Saginor’s program is gentle and life changing all at the same time.  When I started working with Jaime I was suffering from migraines, had put on weight for the first time in my life, felt fatigued, and didn’t quite know what to do about it. Her program is a smart mixture of eastern traditions, the latest western nutrition science, and a lot of compassion counseling that makes the program taylor-made for you and your body. I lost 17 pounds without starving or going on a CRAZY work out routine- pretty awesome- and the migraines are now a rare occurrence. Jaime’s knowledge and compassion helped me get to know my body and understand that the problems I was having were simply the way my body was trying to communicate what it was lacking. And that’s really the best part of the program- that understanding- because it empowers you to keep yourself in the best of health even after your sweet time with Jaime is over. “ 

-Amelia Mulkey, Award Winning Director, LA/San Fran, CA


“Usually when I read these types of recommendations, the cynical side of me rolls my eyes because they all say the same thing:  “This person saved my life!”.  “This person completely changed me!”.  “This person allowed me to be me!”.  They mean well, but they are really just being hyperbolic on the fact that someone did a great job.  I quite literally mean it when I say that Jaime probably saved my life.  

I came to her a year and a half after five very complicated intestinal surgeries.  I survived the surgeries, but I was not thriving.  I was still on a BRAT diet, and no matter how I tried to change that, nothing worked.  I was getting by, but I knew I could not survive long term.  I reached out to Jaime and asked her if she had experience with people with my unique condition.  She didn’t BS me.  She said she didn’t, but she was willing to try and figure it out.  I told her straight away that I wasn’t a fan of fad diets like a gluten free diet for those who actually aren’t afflicted with celiac disease or aren’t gluten intolerant.  She told me our goal would be to find a diet that worked for me, one that I would incorporate into my life.  She asked all the right questions and I connected with her responses.  When I explained my current diet, Jaime did not judge me.  I could tell that she was concerned, well maybe even horrified, but she never made me feel bad about it.  Instead, she quickly went to work suggesting a few big changes that would likely be tolerable for me and put a little more balance in my life, then try to ease me into all the smaller changes that I think we all fear in these types of endeavors.   

Week by week, I cursed her a bit, but she kept up the encouragement and humor.  She also focused a lot on the “why” in my many not so good food decisions.  If one thing didn’t work, she was quick to suggest another.   Over time, without noticing, major changes happened.  I’m by no means on a perfect diet now, but I am on a sustainable one, leagues above where I was just a few short months ago.  I can confidently say I couldn’t have done it without Jaime, because I didn’t do it without Jaime.  She’s a well armed coach to assist in the fight of good food versus evil.  She’s there to provide insight, encouragement, guidance and humor.  I’m there to do the work.  If this is the kind of person that you are looking for in a nutritionist, and I personally think it should be, I cannot recommend Jaime enough!”

-Tok Braun, Animation Producer, Los Angeles, CA


“Before working with Jaime, I had no idea what to eat. Exercise felt like work. Being healthy seemed like a draining undertaking; it felt like punishment. I was overweight and under exercised. I felt heavy, even mentally. I had low energy and was often in bad moods. A lot of this was chemical, from eating things that weren’t good for me, but I didn’t know this.

Within the first month of working with Jaime, I started to feel better. My skin became clear and glowing from eating deep greens. People kept commenting, even asking me if I was in love. Honestly, it just came from vegetables. I guess I was falling in love with broccoli. Within a few months I was eating healthy food that I actually liked. This made a difference in my energy level. It was higher. I felt more positive. Best of all, healthy eating was no longer a struggle. I wasn’t forcing quinoa down my throat, or feeling bad that I wasn’t eating more kale. It was all easy. By months 5 and 6, eating healthy was habitual. Ten or twelve healthy foods, even super foods, had made their way into my regular routine. And now that I’ve done the whole program, it’s like healthy habits are built-in. I also exercise regularly, and it’s something I enjoy. I found healthy food and exercise I like and love! As a result, I’m happier. I’m smaller. My belt currently sits comfortably on the third belt hole — for years I couldn’t even wear it at all! I’m excited to get up at 5:30 am to do spin class at 6:30 am. Because it feels good to me. I started running. I’ve run about 80 miles in the past few months. And I do it because it feels good. I’m no longer obsessed with the scale. I’m excited to eat food I like. Most of the time I don’t even think about it. I know what food feels good to me and, naturally, that’s what I want to eat.

I never thought any of this would ever be possible for someone like me, a life-long overweight dieter. I hated and resisted anything diet or health related since I was little. It all had a negative feeling for me. But Jaime and her program made it easy. It was a process of exploration, discovery and preference. It opened me up to a new way of being. A way that feels great. I wholly and whole-heartedly recommend Jaime and her program.”

-Laura House, Comedy Writer, Los Angeles, CA


“I am in the beginning stages of working with Jaime on optimizing my health, but she has already changed my life dramatically after our very first session together and in the month following. She doesn’t focus on food alone- she gets to the heart of what you’re really hungry for. It took a single conversation with Jaime for me to really shift my thinking about what’s most important to me in my life. She doesn’t preach, she is warm, kind, compassionate, and empathetic and is there to support me at every turn. She steered me towards interesting books and films which have changed my outlook on food entirely. I’ve learned how to create some simple, tasty meals with fresh ingredients. I’m a total skeptic when it comes to my ability to follow any type of health regimen, because I’ve tried and failed before (Weight Watchers, Jillian Michaels, and various plans that ultimately felt time consuming, lonely, and unsatisfying). On those plans I always felt deprived. Jaime’s ideas have all made me feel fulfilled and supported, and I’m infinitely happier. I’m so grateful to Jaime for being my personal health coach!” 

(added after finishing 6-month program): “I completed a 6-month health coaching program with Jaime in October and would recommend her as a coach to anybody. Thanks to the relatively small, simple shifts Jaime guided me to make, I haven’t been sick once this winter — a huge feat, considering I was actually sick more days than I was healthy last winter! I’ve decreased my stress levels hugely, in part by making sure I do something every single day that makes me happy. It’s a genuine treat to feel entitled to such a seemingly natural luxury and it makes a HUGE difference in my day-to-day life. I also began incorporating exercise into my schedule in a way that works for me, and I have a repertoire of easy meals that are healthy and satisfying. As a happy byproduct, I’ve lost 15 pounds, which was beyond my original goal. 

Jaime is an extraordinary coach. I could never have accomplished these goals without her guidance and support!”

-Elizabeth Kohen, Real Estate Broker, Brooklyn, NY


“When I first met with Jaime, I was looking to make significant changes in my diet and was completely lost on how to do so. She completely changed my relationship with food. Before I would eat to live, now I sometimes feel I live to eat! She presented so many different options for what I wanted and also taught me more about food and nutrition than I could have imagined. From applying the things I learned through working with her, I now look better, sleep better, have more energy, and am just overall healthier. But learning about food wasn’t the most important thing I learned from her. Halfway through our program we started dissecting my life – career, goals, relationships, fitness, everything. By working with her I began to really discover and focus on what is most important in my life and how that affects my overall health and well being. It was an eye opening experience. Jaime gets to know you, understands your wants and needs, roots for you, helps guide you to a place where you’re balanced and happy. She is always present and available. I can’t recommend working with her enough. Her knowledge and compassion is above and beyond anything I expected.”

-Scott J, Actor, Los Angeles, CA


“Before I started working with Jaime, I was struggling with being over weight. I was addicted to sugar, eating large portions and eating late at night. I lacked self-control, and I felt that I didn’t have the tools to curb these habits; I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Gaining or carrying around extra weight was making me depressed. My clothes didn’t fit and I was starting to buy XXL sizes; my digestion was a mess and my skin was beginning to break out. In turn, I was starting to feel myself disconnect, the more self-conscious I became. I remember being late to work because I wasn’t fitting into my work clothes anymore. Have you ever wanted to call in FAT to work?! or canceling plans with friends because I felt so uncomfortable in my own skin. 

Jaime helped me to understand that our bodies are always trying to strike a balance and that often times we are the cause for our bodies’ imbalance. I now find myself checking in with my body so much more, asking questions like: am I even hungry now? am I full now? do I really need to eat that right now? in order to strike such a balance. To reconnect with my body has helped me tremendously. I have officially lost 15 lbs, I’m able to fit back into my clothes again and most importantly, I feel great! 

I work in the beauty industry where you are always being scrutinized for what fashions you are wearing, how your skin looks, what color you dye your hair…etc., so there is little room for people with low self esteem. I’m feeling more self assured and comfortable in my own skin again and it shows in my work with my clients. My confidence is the only thing that’s gaining these days.” 

-Eric Holt, Make-up Artist, Chicago, IL


“Jaime is an outstanding coach, an excellent listener, with just the right balance of encouragement and knowledge.”

-Diane Lurvey, Education Consultant, Concord, NH


“Jaime was incredibly instrumental in helping me get ready to conceive my first child with my husband Jason. My main goal during my health coaching was to get my body ready for the challenges of pregnancy and childbirth through good nutrition, relaxation, and centering and exercise. I also wanted to be at a very healthy weight before I got pregnant so I could feel OK gaining the necessary baby weight. We, of course, worked on finding the right foods for my body and establishing an exercise routine, but more importantly Jaime and I looked at ALL the things that lead to a healthy life: love and support from family and friends, spirituality, career, goals and self-confidence. By the time I was ready to be pregnant, I felt great, was sure of myself and my strength as a woman and was ready for the ups and downs that accompany conceiving and pregnancy. My husband and I got pregnant in our second month of trying and I have had a very healthy pregnancy. My little baby girl is due in October and we’re both doing extremely well.* I give my wonderful health coach, Jaime, much credit for helping me prepare for this journey of a lifetime. I look forward to passing on the integrated view of health and nutrition I learned from Jaime to my daughter and know she will have a solid and supportive foundation of health and wellness in her life.”   *Hazel Galligan-Baldwin was born on October 11th, 2011.

-Erin Galligan-Baldwin, Theater Arts Director, Calais, VT