7-day Series

I created the 7-day series, because I know anyone can do anything for seven days.

For those who are new to prioritizing your health, for those who need a quick tune-up, or a reminder

of healthy habits that have slipped away, and for those who are ready to take the next step,

these classes are for you! Details will be posted as classes approach.

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7-Day Guided Immune Boost!

Nov. 14th to Nov. 20th

We'll be done before Thanksgiving!



Do you get sick easily during the winter months? Are you often exposed to coughing, sneezing colleagues and family? Worried about coming down with the flu or a cold during the holidays?

If heading into cold and flu season makes you nervous, get some peace of mind by boosting your immune system and lowering your chances of getting sick!

Since most of your immune system lies in your gut, your digestion and what you eat plays a huge role in whether or not you get sick. Lifestyle habits also impact your immune function.

You can greatly reduce your chances of getting sick with simple, easy diet and lifestyle tips.

Although there is much we cannot control in our environment, there is also much we can control.  


Join me for a 7-day Immune Boost!


I will take you step-by-step through a fun and easy immune boost.

We'll spend each day adding in healthy habits to boost your immune system, layer by layer. 


You will receive:

  • Audio recording to prepare you for your immune boost
  • Daily e-mails w/instructions and guidance
  • Shopping list
  • Recipes with immune boosting food
  • An arsenal of natural remedies should you start to come down with something
  • Group support
  • Facebook forum for sharing tips and experiences


Benefits of the immune boost: 

  • Reduce your chances of getting sick this winter.
  • Learn how to support your immune system year-round.
  • Gain confidence during cold and flu season.
  • Find out which foods help your body fight off illness.
  • Learn what to take when you start to come down with something, so you don't get sick!


Here's what some previous Immune Boosters had to say: 

"Just wanted to pass on our thanks for the immune boost. Both of us had several days around a sick coworker, and then Michelle's mom was sick the whole time (5 days) her parents were here for Christmas. She was coughing all over the place. At one time or another Michelle and I both felt like we were getting a bit of a scratchy throat, but it never went farther than that. We just followed exactly what you said... and we never got sick. So thank you! We both really believe that was what saved us." -Nate Cash, Cincinnati, OH

"The immune boost was a great support for me and my kids when we needed it the most, pre-holiday indulgence. With the immune boost fresh on my mind and in my body I was able to make good choices for my immune system through the holidays!" - Katie Black, Ojai, CA
I can’t remember a holiday season in the last 10 years that I haven’t gotten sick. Having family traveling from different states and countries, the season of giving has always taken on a very different meaning. This year I followed Jaime’s Immune Boost through the holidays. It’s mid-January and I still have not gotten sick even though I’m surrounding by it at home and at work in the school system. At the slightest twinge, I starting pouring the Flu-Flush Tea and taking the lozenges again and so far so good.  Thank you, Jaime! -Lesa M., Los Angeles, CA

Let's Dive In!


Dates: Tuesday, November 14th through Monday, November 20th (we'll be done in time for Thanksgiving!).  All information will remain posted for 3 weeks following the immune boost in case you're unable to join us live.

Tuition: *$47, or do it with a friend for $35 each

*Current coaching clients will receive this immune boost as a bonus. 


7-Day Immune Boost 


Buddy Option 

(please include name of buddy in 'instructions to seller')

Don’t let flu season get you down!

Questions? Feel free to e-mail me at jaimesaginor@gmail.com.