Behind the Curtain

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I was so honored to be featured recently in a short documentary series by the talented filmmaker, Antonio Lugo-Ponce.


When Tony first asked me if I would do the shoot, I wasn’t sure exactly what aspect of health coaching I wanted to talk about. But as he interviewed me, certain themes emerged, and a lot of them didn’t even have to do with food.


I think that’s actually what I love the most about health coaching: talking about things that don’t come on a plate, but that still affect what you choose to eat, like stress from career and relationships, or being malnourished in the area of creativity. These ‘primary’ foods are so impactful, and yet they rarely get discussed in the context of diet.


We also talked about why I love working with my clients… oh let me count the ways!


We covered a lot of territory in this little video that is less than three minutes long. I hope you enjoy:)


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